How to set the proxy chain in kali to hidden on internet

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In the previous article I will share concept of the Proxy Server and different between the vpn and proxy as well as SOCK5 the new technology in the proxy for more secured so that if you not read that article so it my request to first understand the theory concept of that and then see this practical stuff for the proxy and proxy chain.

In this article I will show you a practical of the proxy and proxy chain manual technic so that we can hide ourselves over internet from kali-linux in this article i will share a practical automatic tools for proxy

What is ProxyChains?

ProxyChains is a tool that forces any TCP connection made by any given application to go through proxies like TOR or any other SOCKS4, SOCKS5 or HTTP proxies. It is an open-source project for GNU/Linux systems.

Essentially, you can use ProxyChains to run any program through a proxy server. This will allow you to access the Internet from behind a restrictive firewall, hide your IP address, run applications like SSH/ telnet/wget/FTP and Nmap through proxy servers, and even access your local Intranet from outside through an external proxy.

ProxyChains even allows you to use multiple proxies at once by “chaining” the proxies together and to use programs with no built-in proxy support through a proxy.

ProxyChains for hackers

One of the most important reasons that ProxyChains is used in a security context is that it’s a trick to evade detection.

Attackers often use proxies to hide their true identities while executing an attack. And when multiple proxies are chained together, it becomes harder and harder for forensics professionals to trace the traffic back to the original machine. When these proxies are located across countries, investigators would have to obtain warranties in the local jurisdictions where every proxy is located. This makes the investigation very difficult.

  • Method 1: Manual proxy added in proxy list in kali
  • Method2: Manual proxy chain in Firefox🦊 browser.
Fig- hidden on internet

Method 1: Manual Proxy Added in List of Proxy

First of all we must to find the kali Proxy chain list file in kali for that command to search the proxy chain file (locate proxychain)

/etc/proxychains.config go here

Sudo gedit /etc/proxcychain.config

Here I have a gedit for the file edit that`s why I use this other wise you can use the nano, mousepad, this two are pre installed in the kali nano is the file editor in cloi and mousepad is the GUI base file editor in kali us that also is valid like (Sudo nano /etc/proxcychain.config), (Sudo mousepad /etc/proxcychain.config)

After the file is open and we can see the three main proxy terms are there 2 are in comments and 1 is active 1 Dynamic, 2 Strict_chain, 3. Random chain

1. Dynamic_Chain:-

Dynamic — Each connection will be done via chained proxies all proxies chained in the order as they appear in the list at least one proxy must be online to play in chain (dead proxies are skipped)

2. Strict_Chain:-

Strict — Each connection will be done via chained proxies all proxies chained in the order as they appear in the list all proxies must be online to play in chain

3. Random_Chain:-

Random — Each connection will be done via random proxy (or proxy chain, see chain_len) from the list. this option is good to test your IDS

File Configuration

Strict chain is on make It off by add # sign in front of them remove the # sign in front of dynamic. now move at end of the file

Fig1 proxy.config file

Now at the last we can type the new proxy that we can taken from the google the list of proxy we can got from the google, website link is here( (

Fig-2 proxy server website

from here you can see the details of the proxy and can add the best proxy from the website here I add the “ SOCKs5” into the proxychain.config file as per show into the figure this is called single proxy chain this only you can add multiple proxy into the file is called proxychain after that save the file and close that file.

If your are open the browser and search what is my io you can see your real public ip address as per the fig show below

Fig-3 Kali Public IP

to hide the real IP and see the output of the proxy chains write the command “proxychain firefox”

Fig-4 Kali Fake IP

Now you can see that my IP is hidden on internet instead of my real ip it will show thw proxy ip address on internet as a my public IP address

Fig-5 Fake IP Connection log

You can see the log of coonection is taken place in the terminal means that we have successfully connection with proxy server

Now if I will do the some scanning techniques on the target so that if that target have IDS(Intrusion Delectation System) so that that IDS show that person my fake ip address so that that person can not find me on the internet

Note:- you not think that no one can find me so I can do any think on internet no if the police or digital forensics expert are check the log of that proxy server so that they will you easly in single proxy but if you use multiple proxy servers means proxy chains so it is difficult but no impossible

Fig-6 anonymous Scanning

What ever you run the command in kali just add proxychains so that you will hidden on internet by a single command Proxychains

Note after few upcoming days I also show to how scanning the target or how to do information gathering

Method 2: Proxy Directly in Firefox

In this type proxy we not use the command at every time for the proxy server services we can directly access by simple open the the browser this method is done in every browser for this we can simiply go in the firefox settings and serce for the proxy and add the proxy server ip in this list of manual proy setting so that at every time when you open the firefox you can dirtly use the proxy server and if you not want to use that proxy so simiply apply for the no proxy and that sit all setting are proxy are shutdown by just clicking as per the shown into the figure

Fig-5 Manual Proxy in firefox
Fig-6 Result of manual firefox ip

Now if you think that sir plz. Show some more easy task for this stuff there. Here we go

Here the whole process of 1time setting proxy seleting the best proxy that you like to use here I use the SOCKS4 which have less latency copy that ip and port number as per the show in to the figure

Fig-7 Proxy server website

froxyproxy🦊 it is the extation of the firefox so we can set this in the firefox by easily like of the extation is here ( if the link is no working then just entery froxyproxy and you can got the firefox extation website

Fig-8 Froxyproxy extension website

Click on that website and you get the extation just add that in the browser so that we can set the multipy proxy at one time and differe proxy for thr differet purpose by the different color and as we like this is the one time installation process and add the proxy into this it is the ine time setting process for the proxy after that you can use like switch for proxy in the browser just click on the proxy that which one you like to use and move on

Note: here I already made one burpsuite proxy setting that why it will be show in fig. but you mite have blank so don’t weare

Fig-9 froxyproxy extension

Here open the option for set the proxy after that you rediert into the page of the froxyproxy and click on the add to add the proxy in the extation as per the show into the figure

Fig-10 froxyproxy option add proxy ip

Here set the proxy by just pasting the proxy ip and port into the respective place and set the proxy type as per show in the website at the time of copy the ip address and set the name & color of the proxy as you like

Fig-11 froxyproxy editor page
Fig-12 froxyproxy color setting
Fig-13 list of all proxy

Now click on the save button to save the setting and now you are ready to go now open the new tab and click on the extension to select the proxy that you set

Fig-14 froxyproxy extantion on status
Fig-15 Result page of fake IP

At first time search is happed so you will face a ReCAPTCHA on webpage at first time after there will no issues are there this the process of the single IP configuration if I use the proxy chain so open the froxyproxy page go the import proxy list as per figure shown below and put the list proxy server and IP in that list and done.

Fig-16 proxy import page to list multipal proxy

Now if you think that this is the very long task plz. Show me a some easy, fast and hande tools for doing all this task automatically I not need to do this type of think yes I will show to 2 proxy tools for performing automation hidding techniques

Follow now for the Cybersecurity and Digital Forensic concepts from the beginning to advance concept to all practical tool how to use, what is use in easily day to day life follow now thanks for reading to ends…