How to go hidden on internet through proxy automation tools

6 min readAug 9, 2023

in the previous article you see the some manual techniques or some hidden stuff that is required in time installation process this tool are more easy and hande tools as per the last discussion so make a use of this tools and make yourself hide or anonymous on internet

Method 3 Tor proxy:

In this we can use the tor proxy which is very secured and famous’s to use for the darkweb search and secured for surfing. so that in this we can use the tor proxy chain in the kali it is very easy to use just by one command we can get the tor proxy setup in the kali before that we can install the tor proxy on kali machine to install tor proxy command “sudo apt-get install tor”

After this the tor proxy service is automically installed on kali machine for configure the tor proxy we can again go into the “proxychains.conf” file for command is “sudo gedit etc/proxychains.conf” in this same setting applied for the tor turn on the dynamic proxy only and now come at the end of the file now we can write here “SOCKS5 9050” or default port as per the file have given to you in sample of SOCKS4 now save the file and close it

To use the tor proxy “service tor start”and after that “proxychains firefox” and check the result in by type “whats is my IP” in browser ” dns leak” you can see the result now you have one new fack ip you get from tor proxy

After that you can try to change the proxy again so simple just type “service tor restart” again you got new ip address

by the ping command we can get the ip address of the any website but by this command that website owner get your information in his dashboard so that just type “tor-resolve” and you get the ip address from tor proxy services so website owner get the tor proxy ip not your ip

for scanning the target just add proxychains in front of any command to anonyms scanning like “proxychains nmap” etc

Method 4 4nonymizer

What is 4nomines?

An nonymizer or an anonymous proxy is a tool that attempts to make activity on the Internet untraceable. It is a proxy server computer that acts as an intermediary and privacy shield between a client computer and the rest of the Internet. It accesses the Internet on the user’s behalf, protecting personal information by hiding the client computer’s identifying information.

It is a bash script for anonymizing the public IP used to browsing Internet, managing the connection to TOR network and to different VPNs providers (OpenVPN), whether free or paid.

By default, it includes several pre-configured VPN connections to different peers (.ovpn files) and download the credentials (if the corresponding provider support it). Also, it records each used IP that we use every 300 seconds in log files.

To use this tool we can down the tools link here

just copy the git clone url and past in kali by command git clone “url” after that it will create a folder by 4nomines go into folder we can see all the files of the 4nomines

here we can see the bash script by 4anomines make sour it have executable permissions for give the permission chmod + x ”filename” for give the permission now we can run the bash script

command is ./4nomines install it will start the installation process, installations speed will be depends on pc and internet speed.

see all command for the 4nomines just type ./4nomines help now you can see all command for that script

to start using the tools command is 4nonimizer start

now this tools is start working it will try to hide my ip on the internet as we can see in the above image

By this tool my ip is hidden now and it will give me a Romania country ip is we can verify that in browser also

Now I want to change the location so just type the command to change the location of VPN is 4nonimizer location

Now this tool see all the available VPN list of and show you to select the different location of the vpn as per we need here by default it will shown 1 now we can select the country I will select US

And boom!!! Now my ip is replaced by the US country means all are website own is understand that I will seat in US and check there website

You can set this tool in the booting time also means that this tool is run at boot time from the os booting time it will hide on the internet so no one can track you at any time there other great support also is given from the this tool so check this tool help and try out all the option

Hope so you can a know more knowledgeable about the hidden technique to hide yourself on internet kind follow this me so that you can get more advance knowledge of tool and techniques follow now

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