Twingate Zero-trust

7 min readAug 26, 2023


This the new Morden technology for the advance VPN based on the zero-trust model means that no trust on a single man is called zero trust in this article I will show to that you use this.

Fist you can open the website of the twingate and create an account on that after that fill all the details. After that you will have can you network on twingate

After this you will add you connectors into pc or host which you will need to connect from any where for deploy click on that and you will into the connector and many way to connect is available

After select the any option as per you need I personally go with the docker because it is easy to deploy and use on any OS

Now you can generate your key access token after that it will ask again for authentication. After that you will have your access token

Now we will have the docker ready command just copy and past in to host that you will use I will use kali to deploy this command past in to the terminal it will install all thinks automatically.

For check that docker is run successfully or not command is “ sudo docker ps ”

After that you will see the twingate connector is ready it will turn into green

After that add the resource from the network menu if some suggestions is shown so dismiss that

This popup is show to you now set you host ip and port add port restriction so that user can you only that resource that you can allow now all is done

Here the result we can access the Apache hosted website from the private IP means that we can use all the stuff that we will granted to access

Twingate will give amazing facility for the control is role base Management Here you can set the role base access control that now a days all company is used to restrict the simple user cannot access the admin stuff

Here you can see all the log history of the user if it will try to access the other way that we cannot define to them so it will create an alert and not given a access to the user

Here the some service that you will allowd to use the ssh connection and the Windows RDP connection

For the RDP service you will install the RDP Service into kali command for the DRP installation “sudo apt-get install xrdp” command to start this service is “sudo systemctl start xrdp” or sudo service xrdp start


Here you can see that we can use all the resources that allocated to you here I will show you all step by step gide to access all the resources as per show in the image

Here I can connect the my workstation which is far from 6km from me I connect it from google remote to show you the twinegate demo you can see the all the device that are connected and block them also over here

Into the team section you can add the member also and create a different group also and you will give them role access also like admin, DesOps etc. too easy to manage them from the role base access management.


today i will show to two way to use the twingate on mobile and Desktop side of the client

  1. Desktop

Here I will install the twinegate into the windows also from the website you need to search the twingate website and you will get the windows download link and download that .exe file and install into the windows authentic that twigate by email of the client that you will added into the twingate into the everyone group

Here you can see the I can successfully install the twingate into that workstation and I authentic this pc for you and now I will show to the 3 way access the kali from any place truth ZERO THRUST Model

1. SSH

2. RDP

3. Apache(website)

  1. SSH connecting from the CMD so that here you can see that I will access the kali machine which is installed in the VM not on the host machine I will access that kali System from the private IP of kali
  2. Now time is for the RDP connection from the windows For this you will be create a another user account to access the kali GUI

Here you can see I will successfully connect the kali machine through the SSH protocol …

2. Now time is for the RDP connection from the windows For this you will be create a another user account to access the kali GUI

I entered the private IP of the kali machine now to access through RDP

After the enter the username and password you can access the kali from windows RDP

3. This very simple to use by typing the IP address to the browser you can access the Apache service or hosted website to the browser

Here not only that you will use this on pc only not it will same work into the mobile also just you will install the twingate app into the mobile and sign in into that and you will access all the stuff same like pc Apache

2. Mobile Site

Hope you will understand this blog for the security purposes this will great help from my to many company that will given the access to the employ for the remote base job make this will find very helpful to them and many people who give there system to remote work to there student, employ, client etc

Follow now for the Cybersecurity and Digital Forensic concepts from the beginning to advance concept to all practical tool how to use, what is use in easily day to day life follow now thanks for reading to ends…